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It's four am...where are you?

+ name: gulp..Maria
+ birthday: 12/15/75
+ nicknames: Mia, queenie, cutie, pita and babe.
+ location: Las Vegas
+ what are you doing right now? avoiding sleep..yet again.
+ what are you wearing? tank top, boxers and a thong.
+ do you like your neighbors? they're ok.
+ whats your magic number? 17
+ do you smoke, drink, or do drugs? it's been awhile. I still enjoy the occasional Bloody Mary.

what comes to mind when you hear these names..

+ blair: warner
+ shannon: red hair
+ thomas: kincaid
+ scott: Car Doctor
+ lawrence: Chunk
+ aaron: blair. hahah
+ heather: tanukisuit
+ chris: tohper
+ mallory: keaton
+ chaquita: bananas
+ sean: wiles


+ color: I dunno. I hate that question.
+ friend: YaNn and Monster :)
+ car: My jetta
+ food: anything ethnic
+ drink: Peach Ice Tea
+ store: Borders Bookstore.
+ outfit: anything I can wear with my maryjanes
+ boyfriend/girlfriend: Seth?
+ song: Sunscreem's Love U More (deja vu?)
+ band: Duvall
+ movie: um...
+ pair of socks: my argyle ones
+ saying: woohaw.
+ animal: wolves, ravens, crows..

when was the last time yo0u..

+ showered: yesterday morning..(it's 4AM)
+ kissed some one: today
+ went to a movie: We took aurora to see Lilo and Stitch :)
+ cried: the day before
+ talked on the phone:yesterday. I hate the phone.
+ paged someone: um..
+ lied:um...this is something I try not to practice.
+ cheated on someone: high school.
+ ate nerds: sometime in the last year. I think.
+ drank welchs grape juice: how about welch's grape soda?
+ watched the country channel:*giggle* the other night..shhh
+ shaved ANY part of you body and what part: um..I do this pretty consistantly.


+ do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: no. I have a husband, which is much worse.
+ whats their name: Seth
+ how long have you been going out: we've been together for almost 7 years.
+ have you ever been in love: sure.
+ who was the best kisser:'s a toss up. Richie wins though.
+ have you ever cheated on them: um..not quite.
+ whats your favorite thing to do with that special someone: take aurora to the park
+ whats the best present youve gotten from someone: a dogtag that said "SETH LOVES MARIA"
+ what qualities do you like in a guy or girl: Intelligence, eyes, shoulders,verbal skills, confidence


+ whose your best friend: Jacqui
+ what makes your best friend: we're sisters and we can read eachother's minds.
+ what do you guys do for fun: hang out, talk online, make fun of everyone else ;)
+ who is your oddest friend: Lesley
+ who is your funniest: Mike
+ who is your happiest friend: becky
+ who is your most annoying friend: Lesley
+ who is always there for you: Jacqui
+ best guy friend: Nick
+ friend who could be more: Nick (shh..I love seth)


+ are you a virgin:
+ worst kiss:perri
+ anyone you think is homosexual: yep.
+ do you know anyone named LeRoy: no..but my big white guy friend's middle name is LaMar
+ do you like Pickles: yep.
+ do you have a website: sucks though.
+ do you watch PORN: I did at one point..but it's not real enough for me.
+ are you black: no? I'm a nice shade of brown though.
+ do you wish you were black: No?
+ who you gonna vote for: I'm a moderate-republican
+ do you have your own phone line: yeah.
+ your thoughts on abortion: it's way out of control.
+ do you like britney spears: for my dart board.
+ do you want a britney doll: I don't practice voodoo.
+ What do you want for christmas: a new* digital camera(that WORKS)
+ do you have your 2 front teeth: yes.
+ what do you want to do with your life: Find a way to make my company GROW
+ ever been butt naked bangin on the bathroom floor: no?
+ would you ever get plastic surgery if so on what: I've thought about a breast lift..but after I have another child. :X
+ biggest redneck you know: hahah..I can't say.
+ last time you went to the bowling alley: About six months ago.
+ last time you were in a hoopdy truck: sorry..hoopTy and I don't mix
+ what perfume/cologne do you wear: DKNY signature fragrance, Ralph Lauren's Romance
+ do you think foreign accents are sexy: yeah. unless it's a very thick middle eastern.
+ do you like jell-o if so what flavor: cherry with whipped cream. otherwise..ew.
+ brand of toothpaste: sensodyne
+ last time you went to the doctor: six months ago.
+ do you think ricky martin is gay: do I care?
+ do you have a credit card? : I'm not allowed to use it anymore..:(
+ do you love your mom: yep.
+ ever taken ballet: 12...long...years..
+ favorite juice:guava
+ Last time you used the restroom: last night
+ most attractive person: eli caterer
+ last book you read: Mystic River
+ white, dark, or milk chocolate: dark
+ ever died your hair: yes.
+ What brand shampoo: Joico. I love Joico
+ favorite holiday: if I said it once..I'll say it again..the whole damn season is rad. :)
+ thing you hate most about your body: everything?
+ last time you smoked: when my grandma was dying.
+ last thing you bought: Ice Tea

m0re rand0m..

+ are you stressd out: YES
+ what do you wear to the beach: a bathing suit
+ do you belive in angels: yes.
+ would you ever join the army: can't, thank God.
+ do you want a puppy: someday
+ ever had a kick me sign on you: no.
+ how about a lick me sign: ha.
+ Favorite icing: whipped cream
+ are u a flirt: totally
+ last time you were scared: um.
+ by what? my future.
+ last party you went to: I"m going to a birthday party tomorrow..
+ do you do your own laundry: yes.
+ are your nails real or fake: real.
+ do you get jiggy with it: um.
+ what do you wish you were named: Janet.
+ favorite movie star: Tara Subkoff, Joaquim Phoenix
+ are your parents divorced: yes.
+ would you ever wear a waterbra: no.
+ do you work out: yeah. Tae Kwon DO!
+ are u muscular: enough.
+ are you flabby: more than enough.
+ are you fat: my thighs are pushing it.
+ do you take a lot of pictures: when my digital camera WORKS
+ favorite tv show: Northern Exposure
+ do you want a baby: just one more ;)
+ ever thought u were pregnant: yes..and I WAS!
+ last time you were sick: about six months ago.
+ do you go to a tanning bed: don't have to. the wonders of being half hawaiian.
+ are you in love? yep.
+ favorite rugrats character: chuckie.
+ got milk: ha.
+ do you sniff markers: the sniffy kind.
+ are you dissatisfied with your hair color: yeah. it's boring.
+ what magazines do you get: surfer, big brother, jane
+ do you belive your horoscope: not really. at all.
+ Whats your sign: sagitarius

even more random..

+ do u like coffee: I <3 Coffee!
+ do you write in pen or pencil: pen
+ are you ghetto: hell naw!
+ favorite lip gloss: vanilla from Skin Market
+ do you wear a watch: yes.
+ sunglasses: they give me headaches but I can't drive in the afternoon without em.
+ any siblings:1 older step brother, 1 older step sister, 2 younger sisters and 2 baby brothers
+ what are their names: lessee...Bryan, Nina, Andree, Jacqui, Johnny and David
+ what are their ages: 41,29,23,20,18 mos, and newborn
+ do they wanna fill out our great survey: highly doubt it.
+ do you know how to yo yo: sure.
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